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Table Skirting Clips #9-TABLE-SKIRTING-CLIPS

Snap Clips fasten into grommets that are permanently attached to the skirting header.

Snug-Tight clips (clips that have a V at the end of the model number) have hook side fastener on the face which attaches to a loop side fastener sewn into the skirting header.

Snap-Drape's patented clips are industry proven and guaranteed against breakage in normal use
All patented Snap-Drape clips are injection-molded from durable see-through polycarbonate plastic
Skirting prices include enough clips for attachment
All replacement clips are priced and sold in quantities of 100
A & AV Clips - 3/8" to 1/2" Edge - Howe #200 Series - Maywood Orginal
B & BV Clips - 3/4" Edge - Most common size
C & CV Clips - 1" Edge
D & DV Clips - 1-1/8" to 1-1/2" Edge
E & EV Clips - Fits Drop Edge Tables Up To 2-3/4" Deep
F & FV Clips - Fits Stages With Steel Aprons - Southern Aluminum Banquet Tables, And Bil Jax Stages
LV Clips - Fits Lifetime Duratable
VTC Clips - Fits Over Table Skirt To Attach Valances or Lace Skirting

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