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Wood Stemware Rack 12 Plus Glasses #WOOD STEMWARE RACK 12 GLASSES

This wood stemware rack measures approximately 14" x 22". Our standard Intimate Rack is Red Oak with two coats of urethane.
Our racks include everything necessary to hang from an eight foot ceiling.

We believe we have the nicest wood racks that can be found. They are constructed of solid wood, hand sanded, and finished in urethane. The design is simple, letting your stemware be the focus. The bars that form the slots provide an "inlayed" look. The molding finishes it off.

Our stemware racks can be suspended, attached to the underside of cabinets or ceilings, or attached to walls. Support bars on the top of the rack provide varied methods of installation.

The design provides a lip at the entrance of each slot to prevent a glass to accidentally slip out. Standard slots are 3 1/2" wide, large enough to accommodate Acrylic glasses.

We've tried to capture the essence of our racks but the real thing is much more beautiful.