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Perola 18/10 Stainless Steel Flatware #1900-00

Perola 18/10 Stainless Steel Flatware

This is an extra heavy weight and very good quality stainless steel flatware.
For ***PRICES*** scroll towards the bottom of the page and then click on the drop down arrow right above the large picture of the flatware.  This is an ultra premium flatware and is ideal for table settings in fine dining restaurants and luxury hotels.  The Perola pattern is part of the European Collection.  All pieces are packed and sold by the dozen.

1901 Oval Soup/Dinner Spoon
1902 European Table Spoon
1903 Round Soup/Bouillon Spoon
1904 Teaspoon
1905 After Dinner/Demitasse Spoon
1906 Iced Tea Spoon
1926 European Dinner Fork
1927 Salad Fork
1928 Fish Fork
1929 Oyster/Cocktail Fork
1950 Dinner Knife Hollow Handle
1951 Dinner Knife Solid Handle
1953 Fish Knife
1955 Butter Spreader
1956 Dessert Knife Solid Handle
1960 Dessert Knife Hollow Handle
1958 Carving Knife Solid Handle
1959 Carving Knife Hollow Handle
1961 Steak Knife Solid Handle
1962 Steak Knife Hollow Handle
1965 Butter Knife Hollow Handle
1966 Butter Knife Solid Handle

 The minimum order for Corby Hall items is $300. A small order charge of $35 will be assessed for orders less than $300

Corby Hall Perola: