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Fabulous Flannel 9820 Series 10 Gauge Vinyl Tablecloths #9820

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Fabulous Flannel 9820 Series 10 Gauge Vinyl Tablecloths

A flurry of soft texture sets the mind on soft flannel or even the feel of supple leather is the theme of the 9820 Series Vinyl Tablecloth.  These vinyl tablecloths are made from heavy duty 10 gauge vinyl and feature a flannel backing.  These are commercial grade tablecloths and are used in restaurants, hotels, banquet facilities and even sports arenas.  Our vinyl tablecloths are available by the piece or by the roll.  The tablecloths are made to order and typically have a lead time of 3-4 weeks.  The vinyl rolls however can typically ship out in 1-2 business days.

For ***PRICES*** scroll towards the bottom of the page and then click on the drop down arrow right above the larger picture of the tablecloth.  The sizes listed are the actual tablecloth size and not the table top size.

Since our vinyl tablecloths are made to order they cannot be returned.  If you are unsure about a color or pattern, please order a sample.  Our samples measure approximately 8" x 10" and are a good representation of both the color and pattern of the tablecloth. 

All samples are mailed via United States Postal Service.

The following listed sizes are the most common sizes, however since our vinyl tablecloths are made to order they may be made to any size.  These are recommended tablecloth sizes and allow for an 8" drop on all sides which is the industry standard.  Rectangular and square vinyl tablecloths feature rounded corners.

Table Size               Tablecloth Size
24 x 24                      40 x 40
24 x 30                      40 x 46
24 x 36                      40 x 52
24 x 60                      40 x 76
30 x 30                      46 x 46
30 x 36                      46 x 52
30 x 42                      46 x 58
30 x 48                      46 x 64
30 x 60                      46 x 76
30 x 72                      46 x 88
30 x 84                      46 x 100
30 x 96                      46 x 112
36 x 36                      52 x 52
36 x 42                      52 x 58
36 x 48                      52 x 64
36 x 72                      52 x 88
36 x 96                      52 x 112
36 x 100                    52 x 116
36 x 104                    52 x 120

Round Tables        Tablecloth Size
24 Round                 40 Round
30 Round                 46 Round
36 Round                 52 Round
42 Round                 58 Round
44 Round                 60 Round
46 Round                 62 Round
48 Round                 64 Round
50 Round                 66 Round
52 Round                 68 Round
54 Round                 70 Round
56 Round                 72 Round
58 Round                 74 Round
60 Round                 76 Round
62 Round                 78 Round
64 Round                 80 Round
66 Round                 82 Round
68 Round                 84 Round
70 Round                 86 Round
72 Round                 88 Round

If your size is not in the above list, you can measure your table and add 16" to both the width and length of your table to get your tablecloth size.  You may also contact customer service and we would to happy to assist you.

Some tablecloths will feature seams.  The rolls of vinyl from which the tablecloths are made are 54" wide, so any tablecloth that is wider than 54" will feature a seam.  Tablecloths that are over 54" wide up to a diameter of 60" wide will have one side panel.  Tablecloths that measure 61" wide or have a diameter of up to 70" will have two side panels.  Tablecloths that are 71" wide or have a diameter up to 96" will feature a center seam.

F.R. Test Our 9820 Series vinyl tablecloths will pass as is:
State of California, Bureau of Home Furnishings as specified in their regulation technical bulletin no. 117, section E
Motor Vehicle safety standard no. 302 (MVSS302)
Commercial Standard for flammability CS191-53, Class I, Normal Flammability

Vinyl tablecloths measuring over 52" wide will have seams.

The seams are as follows:                                        

Tablecloth size 53" wide or diameter up to 60" wide will have 1 side panel
Tablecloth size 61" wide or diameter up to 70" wide will have 2 side panels
Tablecloth size 71" wide or diameter up to 96" wide will have a center seam

Our Vinyl Tablecloths are made to order and are not returnable.

Allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery of vinyl tablecloths.

Rolls normally ship within 1 to 2 days. If you are unsure of a color or pattern please order a sample.


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