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Creel, Pole, Net, Trout Cribbage Board #0000013

These beautiful laser engraved wood cribbage boards represent original work by Maine artists.  The attention to detail is second to none.  These cribbage boards will make extremely unique gifts to people you care about.  They are made up of solid cherry or birdseye maple wood.  The wood is sprayed with two coats of clear acrylic before the laser produces the life-like works of art.  After the laser work has been completed the images are hand painted.  After the paint has been applied two more coats of clear acrylic is sprayed on.  Each cribbage board comes with a slot in the back so they can be hung on the wall.  The boards also come with plastic feet. 

The cribbage boards make fantastic wall hangings.  The heavy brass pegs are stored in a bottom compartment.  The peg holes are drilled and filled with brass liners.

The high quality solid wood cribbage boards can be used for fundraisers.  Just furnish us with the logo you want and we can produce it.  THERE IS A MINIMUM ORDER REQUIREMENT OF TEN BOARDS WHEN USING A CUSTOM DESIGN.  Please allow 2 to 3 months for this process.

The cribbage boards are 16 3/4" Diameter and 3/4" Thick.

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